Redwood High’s Morgan Salzer has put together an informative and defiant piece in their school paper in response to the death of a former student, Trevor Leopold. While deaths and overdoses from prescription pills have fallen in recent years due to various efforts of the organizations in our community, drug overdoses are still the leading cause of accidental deaths in Marin County. As many of you may be aware, Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid created to be one-hundred times more potent than morphine, has been circulating through the black market leaving havoc in its wake. This threat is very real, and the consequences can already be seen in tragedies like the one involving Trevor Leopold, who graduated from Tam High School in 2019. The Leopold family wants to ensure that people understand the facts about addiction; it is a chronic relapsing brain disease, and it is often co-occurring with mental illness issues like anxiety and depression.

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