Marin County is one of 22 counties to participate in sessions with the State of California starting in spring of 2019 to collaborate with jail law enforcement staff (sheriffs, probation officers, counselors, medical staff, district attorney, judges and legal professionals) in cooperation with County Public Health to establish a process to deliver Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid substance use disorder in the jail. So far, Marin County has created a criminal justice system data collection and organization system, ensured a limited amount of injectable naltrexone and injectable buprenorphine for a pilot and will continue to participate in related conferences.

Although currently the number of individuals receiving MAT in Marin County Jail is relatively small compared to the need, the systems are in place to increase and statistically evaluate the growth of the program in 2020. Collaboration is the key between the entities.  

Challenges include:

    1. Jail staffing limitations
    2. Importance of setting up a “Transition Clinic” for those individuals released from jail (one-stop shop for connections to housing, food, in or out patient recovery, probation appointments, medical professionals for continue MAT prescriptions, etc)
    3. Recommended statewide Screening Tool for diagnosis and training jail staff
    4. Housing crisis inhibits opportunities for successful outcomes. The State of California Department of Health is available for support and guidance to the Counties.  Comments to this information can be sent to