Fred Mayer worked tirelessly for well over a half-century to advance public health and was known in the United States as the Guru for pharmacists who work to build healthy communities. For 35 years, Fred owned the Sausalito Pharmacy and became a prominent fixture in the community, pioneering such ideas as taking customer’s blood pressure inside his store, prominently displaying and promoting condom use, and banning the sale of all tobacco products. Fred led over 50 national public health campaigns, including the Great American SmokeOut (helping 50 million Americans quit smoking), safety caps on prescription vials, and increasing the print size on over-the-counter drug warning labels to increase readability for seniors. Fred had a proactive leadership style that helped guide RxSafe Marin and with his help, RxSafe Marin developed prescribing guidelines for safer opioid prescribing to help fight the opioid epidemic.Everyone who knew and loved Fred has a Fred story. From everyone at RxSafe Marin and Marin County Health & Human Services we say, “Thank You, Fred Mayer, for everything you’ve done to make Marin County a healthier place. You will be missed.”

The Marin IJ featured Fred Mayer on December 14, 2019.
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