In these extraordinary times, parents and caregivers need to be aware of their children’s mental health. during the Covid-19 pandemic, some youth may show signs of anxiety or concern but will likely manage just fine with the support of parents and caregivers. But some youth may have more intense reactions, including severe anxiety or depression. Adolescence is a tough time to navigate, and the added weight of the Covid-19 quarantine, combined with the lack of stimulation and energy-release that attending school would normally provide can lead to a decline in mental health. Youth may need extra empathy and patience. Parents and caregivers coping with sheltering in place have a unique and rare opportunity to teach real-life skills about how to handle uncertainty and adapt to life-changing situations and emerge even stronger than before.
The Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships (MHYP) has compiled tips, articles, and resources parents and caregivers can utilize to help them support youth through this difficult time. Click here to access this important Marin Healthy Youth resource.